Christmas with the Scots ;)

Overlooking a wonderful countrysideChristmas Day walks,  Sledding in the Highlands, New Year Day walk in St. Andrews countless games of Skip-Bo, and long lies. It was a good holiday 🙂

More people than should ever be stacked onto a train platform...

Andy and I got on a train at 8am on the 23rd  of December with high hopes our next stop would be Dundee…it wasn’t exactly. On the train ride up we noticed immense amounts of flooding on almost every single field along the train tracks. So it wasn’t too much of a surprise when they announced over the intercom that there had been mud slides onto the train tracks just past Edinburg. But it wasn’t too comforting when we didn’t hear anything else for hours until they announced they “might try to arrange a bus system from Edinburg to Dundee then to Aberdeen and Stonehaven (the final stop for our train). So we arrived in Edinburg not really knowing what to do but to catch the next train up to Dundee as it turned out the slides were on the Aberdeen side of Dundee. So enough people to fill up our train and a half plus all the passengers already scheduled to ride on that train…needless to say it was madness. Everybody was crammed onto the platform all the way past the barriers having no idea how we were all going to fit on this train. Then one guy said there were busses going from Market Street to Aberdeen and we all had to go get on that bus. We had no idea if it was going to stop at Dundee or not but we thought we probably had better chances with that then trying to cram onto a packed train. So we trekked outside with our luggage with a few hundred disgruntled passengers and we did indeed find busses…in the rain and horrible horrible wind…with one guy randomly sending people to busses. No real direction, no signs, nobody with a megaphone, we managed to get a spot on a bus fortunately. There was nobody to help the older people with their bags so they ended up sitting in puddles or put onto busses then their owners could get onto the same bus.So I’m sad to think about all the people who’s bags arrived at their destination without them.  The staff were pushing passengers out of the way and not being helpful in the least. Needless to say it was madness, I was so happy to be in Dundee after a very long day of constant crowds.
We were greeted with mulled wine, a puppy and lots of hugs 🙂

The next day we spent the majority of the day hanging out recuperating from the journey, catching up with the Hayes’s about life, playing games, finished off with and Christmas carol service at their church . It was a wonderful Christmas eve 🙂

Then Christmas finally came!!!

On Our Christmas Day Walk

We had a bit of a lazy day with some Christmas breakfast (My mom’s!) and too much chocolate 😉 then we cleaned ourselves up and hopped in the carto head to Edinburg for Christmas dinner. As is the Hayes tradition, we had to stop to go on a walk mid-way. So we stopped at a place where there is a tower on the edge of a cliff that you can see from the motor way. I have always seen it driving by and thought it was just so cool so I was excited when I realized where we were walking to 🙂 It was a perfect day! Cold, crisp, and dry. Three wonderful elements to Christmas day (only without snow…).


What a beautiful country Scotland is! You really begin to realize it when you climb above the old buildings and the farms and get a birds eye view of it all. You just can’t help but imagine what it must have been like to live in a place like this hundreds of years ago :)Started out the morning with presents galore! I felt very loved with a massive parce from my family complete with stockings for Andy and I. Aswel as stockings and gifts from the Hayes family. They are so generous 🙂 So it was some fun times opening up presents and seeing what everybody got. A popcorn maker from David might have been my favorite 😛

A wonderful Christmas dinner!After the walk we headed to Granny and Grandad Bruce’s house in Edinburg for Christmas dinner! It was such a wonderful dinner too! Everything that makes the most wonderful feast. Soup, potatoes, roast fev, steamed veg, turkey, gravy, sausages, and more I can’t even remember. Lots of laughs, Christmas Crackers, Paper hats, and stories told for the um-teenth time. We had a wonderful time and a very sleepy drive back to Dundee 🙂

The Hayes/Bruce family :)

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