Enjoying our giant snowman friendSNOWWWWW!So it is officially winter! We got snow last week! It was absolutely wonderful and half the country shut down which I thought was quite hilarious. Andy even got sent home early from work! So we had a lovely start to friday that started at 10am! We had a lovely day watching the snow fall and going for a run through the pretty white world. The next morning we got on a train over to Pangbourne where Andy works to enjoy the perfect snowball snow.We had a snowball fight, built a snowman, and went through a walk through the countryside. It was totally wonderful! At long last, it finally felt like wintertime! I loved love loved it! At work that week I was happier than ever before because all the snow was just so incredible. Everybody else was so grumpy and didn’t go out to enjoy the snow which I think is such a huge tragedy!

Me and my best friend playing in the snow :)

They’re missing out on the finer things of life. My work colleague made a mini snowman ontop of the picnic table, complete with a cigarette in it’s mouth 🙂

Dancing in the snow!

So it is wonderful having had some snow. Even though I miss playing in the snow in Alaska especially when I see photos from my friends I am fairly content having some good My snowfriend!snow at least once this year. So I’m thrilled we got some and now I’m hoping that it will start warming up and South England will live up to my expectations of being considerably warmer than Scotland 😉

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