Can't believe we were there!

DSC_0038Yesterday Andy and I had the most amazing opportunity to see some prehistoric architecture!

We started the day driving down to Stonehenge with our Canadian/Texan friends Sheila and Steve. It was really amazing seeing structures made by prehistoric cave men that are so massive and mysterious. It was just such an incredible experience seeing such an amazing historical mystery. We took more pictures than I know what to do with! I have never taken so many pictures of rocks in my life ūüėČ I really liked imagining what it must have been like so many thousands of years ago when all they had was animal bones for tools. They were¬†absolutely¬†massive and larger than I could have¬†imagined¬† I just cannot imagine how they must have been able to move the stones! It was so hard to tear ourselves away but the freezing¬†temperatures¬†helped ūüėČ

What an amazing structure

The pub that has a dungeon below it!After that we drove just a short ways to Salisbury which is the closest town to Stonehenge. Little did we know that there is tons of history, incredible structures, and cool stories. Everything from a market that has run continuously since the 1200s’ to pubs that have dungeons below them. A cathedral with the tallest spire in the UK and massive cattle market. It was really cool. We didn’t get to see nearly enough, touched the tip of the iceberg one might say ūüėČ We had a bit of lunch, toured the dungeon, had a bit of a walk around and headed off to our next stop!

Parts of the old torn down castle, Old Sarem

Salisbury is casually known as New Sarem because Old Sarem is an abandoned castle once re-built by

Walking around the courtyard of Old Sarem

William¬†the¬†Conqueror.¬†With over 500 years of history (like everything else in that area…) it was so incredible walking around such ancient ruins. We read so many stories of it getting built, torn down, built again, torn down again, demolished, rebuilt, and abandoned once and for all.

AveburyWe headed off again, it already getting late and the sun beginning to set. We decided to stop off at Avebury, a town known for having one of the biggest stone circles in the UK. Ones that you can walk around on and climb around on. I was astounded by the¬†intricacy¬†of the placing of all the stones. It was so much fun walking a round them and seeing how big they are when you’re standing right next to them. I really enjoyed running up and down all the hills and the ditches dug out by the prehistoric cave men. It was a really cute town with so many stones everywhere! The circles wind around all the homes, backyards, and through the streets. I just couldn’t believe everything that I was seeing!!!


It was such a wonderful day. I loved hanging out with Sheila and Steve, seeing so many ancient structures and learning so much of the history involved with the prehistoric people group. I was so impressed over and over again.¬†Definitely¬†want another day out with Sheila and Steve. That was incredible!!!! I still cannot believe I got to see STONEHENGE!?!?!? ūüėÄ

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One thought on “Stonehenge!

  1. Beverly Silveira

    The pictures and text brought back great memories. About 25 years ago we met Cindy and Jon in London and traveled around and went to the very places you talked about. We loved that part of the country. It is wonderful that you are doing so much and taking advantage of being there. We love both of you. Grandma and Grandpa

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