Hawaii Day 6 {just another day at the beach…listening to whales talk…}

A wonderful beach!

A wonderful beach!

Watching the kids play "throw sand at eachother" :P

Watching the kids play “throw sand at eachother” 😛

Just another day at the beach! We met up with our friends Scott and Isaac who are good friends from Alaska just moved to Hawaii. They took us to an incredible beach with some great boogie boarding, snorkeling, and a rock that you can climb up onto a jump off of. When we arrived we were very surprised to see some whales off the shore! We figured it was right about time for the mommy whales to come hang out with their baby whales for a while before heading up to Alaska so we had perfect timing! We were enjoying watching them breaching completely out of the water and slapping their tales over and over. Then after a bit, we went out to hit the waves! They were MASSIVE! So extreme.

Run run run!

Run run run!

We had the beach almost to ourselves again probably due to the high surf, but that does not keep us away! We were boogie boarding along then when one of us got tossed/pummeled into the ground by a wave we realized that we could hear the whales talking to each other under the water!!! It was the most incredible experience. Different whales had different tones and they were having full conversations! I could have sat underwater all day long but sadly, I don’t have the lung capacity of a whale 😉 We enjoyed it, great day at the beach, so much fun watching the kids playing with their friend 🙂 I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

Breaching whale!

Breaching whale!

beautiful sister :)

beautiful sister 🙂

Scott catching some waves :)

Scott catching some waves 🙂

The front and back of a whale playing in the waves!

The front and back of a whale playing in the waves!



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