Hawaii Day 11 {Flying around Hawaii and the final Hawaiian Sunset}

Ready to hop in the airplane!

Ready to hop in the airplane!

Looking over Kilauea Canyon

Looking over Kilauea Canyon

Today my dad took us on an incredible adventure IN AN AIRPLANE! We got one of the instructors from a flight school to accompany us and show us all the cool spots on the island. We took off from Kona Airport and flew up through the middle of the island to Kilauea Kanyon. With the tallest waterfall in Hawaii, and some of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen, needless to say it was stunning.




Tallest waterfall in the state of Hawaii!

Tallest waterfall in the state of Hawaii!

God has made an amazing world that is so intricate and gorgeous. We saw a small village that grows Taro and hikes it out up the very scary walls from the valley floor. The instructor told us that King Kameamea used to live there and do very fancy processional hikes through the various valleys. The vastness of the valleys was just immense. So beautiful and dramatic. We got to watch whales from the plane while we flew down the West Coast.









This is actually the entire airport... :P

This is actually the entire airport… 😛

We landed at Upolu Airport on the West Coast and took a wee break to watch whales. We saw dozens of them all playing with each other, jumping out of the water and blowing water everywhere.

Mommy and baby whale!

Mommy and baby whale!

Mommies and babies all playing together, such an exciting thing to watch! We got back in the plane and the guide showed us all the holiday homes of famous people; Oprah Winfrey; Harrison Ford; Michael Dell (as in, Dell computers); and many more that I can’t even remember. Massive houses that were basically little oasis’s in the middle of lava fields. I cannot even imagine how expensive those houses must have been. We had a bit more of a tour hearing about all the history of the island and how bloody it used to be “back in the good ‘ol times” haha.


Fun day getting to learn more Hawaiian History and getting to see one of the most beautiful states from the skies 🙂 We finished off the day with some snorkeling and an evening watching the sunset. Our last Hawaiian sunset of the trip 😦 Only one more day with my exciting family in this very exciting place

The most awesome brother and sister I could ever ask for <3

The most awesome brother and sister I could ever ask for ❤

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