A day at Warwick Castle!

Warwick Castle!

Warwick Castle!

Viewpoint from the castle wall

Viewpoint from the castle wall

So we decided to take advantage of our Merlin Passes once again and head up to Warwick Castle! It is a very well restored castle that was fully functioning up until a few decades back. So the Merlin company has dramatized it a bit, putting period actors everywhere, dressing up all of the rooms as it would be a few hundred years back, and making it feel like you have just stepped back in time πŸ™‚

We got to go along to the doctor who “lives” outside the castle. Hearing some of the stories of their medical system makes me VERY thankful for the NHS πŸ˜‰ The doctors here and now don’t have to taste pee, administer wolf skin, eating weird things and telling you the the “only solution is to pee on them”… YUK! There were kids playing “Toss the rats” and lots of music outside the castle. Then we got to see them raising the gate and the guy doing it told us all about sieges that happened at Warwick castle.

At the top of the castle turrets <3

At the top of the castle turrets ❀

Then we had a walk around the massive castle walls. It was incredible being all the way in the top of a turret looking at the countryside all around us.

We got to go along to a birds of prey show where they had a Steller’s Sea Eagle, a Bald Eagle (reminded me of Alaska!), a hawk and….a vulture….nasty creature. I don’t like vultures at all, they’re nasty, ugly, and horrible. They had all the birds flying around doing displays of their talons and their speed. Except for the vulture who just jumped around looking ugly…

Horrible creature...

Horrible creature…

We got a few free tickets to see the dungeon which is always a good laugh (when I’m not plugging my ears and closing my eyes). I just cannot imagine the brutality that used to be so commonplace. I would much rather go to prison today than 500 years ago THAT’S FOR SURE!

We got to go around the main castle building where they had all the rooms set up as they would have looked hundreds of years ago. Lots of stories of traitors, royals, and rebels. I love seeing their beds, clothes, and decorations but I especially loved imagined how it must have been living in the castle πŸ™‚

The dining hall

The dining hall

After touring the castle we went outside and watched a hand to hand battle reinactment. The actors would stop every now and then and explain how Hollywood would do something, then how it actually was in history. Andy how the two things differed. So I learned something AND it was freakin awesome.

A sword fight reenacted

A sword fight reenacted



We finished the day off by visiting the school house in the mill then walking over to see the trebuchet! It was like 30 feet tall and threw an 80 kilogram ball of fire!!!! I have never seen anything so amazing! It must have been so scary to see them all lined up for battle. They had people dressed up and winding up the trebuchet just how they would have done it for battles all those years back. So awesome!!!

SO that was our day in Warwick. A fish and chips for the drive home and a snooze in the car. Thanks for a great day out Steve and Sheila!



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