Even further South!…down to Portsmouth :)

Me and my love by the Victory!

Me and my love by the Victory!

Andy and Brian testing out the cannons :P

Andy and Brian testing out the cannons πŸ˜›

So last weekend Sheila and Steve took us off on another adventure! This time we went with their son Brian who is over visiting for a few weeks. We drove a few hours south to Portsmouth with the intent to see the Mary Rose but sadly all of the viewing slots for that day were taken up so we decided to go aboard the HMS Victory! She is famous for Β the Battle of Trafalgar. It is also the boat the Lord Nelson got killed aboard. It was really cool to see such an old wooden ship. I have never gotten to go aboard a ship this old before. I loved imagining what it was like back when it was used in battles πŸ™‚

Beautiful ship!

Beautiful ship!

So beautiful!

So beautiful!

After a few hours of exploring the ship, we took a trip across the bay to Portchester Castle, the best preserved Roman “saxon Shore” fort. Built back in the 3rd century, it has been built on bit by bit so you can still easily see the original layout and walls. It also has a massive field inside the outer walls, perfect for a picnic…too bad it was freezing cold and windy as ever or else we would have had a picnic. Instead we ate in the car while driving back to Reading πŸ™‚

Love these guys :)

Love these guys πŸ™‚

It was a great day out, fantastic to hang out with Brian for the day and Sheila and Steve are always a pleasure to be with.

<3 love him <3

❀ love him ❀

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