Yet another life change… :)

I love my burlap coffee sacks from Paper Cup <3

I love my burlap coffee sacks from Paper Cup ❤

So it seems like there just never ceases to be changes in my life.  Very good and exciting changes without a doubt! But changes nonetheless. These last few weeks it was made apparent to me that I was not getting enough hours at Paper Cup and that wasn’t going to change like was predicted. So I decided I had to look for another job. I handed out about 8 CVs to shops all over Glasgow but there was one in particular that I really wanted. A shop called Kember & Jones that a few of my friends already work at and I knew for a fact that one friend had just handed in her two week notice the day before. So I swept right in there! I think I had a step up on the competition since I already had a few friends there who could vouch for me 😉

The day I handed my CV in I got a call from the manager asking me to come in for a brief interview the next morning. So this morning I popped in and walked out with a job! Not even a trial shift! But the amazement doesn’t stop there. I had mentioned to my boss that I was going to start looking for other work and he understood but when I went into work today to let him know I had been offered a job he said I could leave straight away no problem!!! I’m very sad to be leaving Paper Cup and I still vouch for it being the best coffee in Glasgow hands down. So that will definitely be my hangout for sure. But for now, I have the weekend to sit in amazement at how much God has blessed me with jobs and then I start working on Tuesday!!! WHOOP WHOOP! So excited. It’s an incredible coffee shop aswel. If you live in Glasgow you have to pop in!

….still in awe…

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One thought on “Yet another life change… :)

  1. Older Brother

    I am so glad that your job situation is working out! I have a lot of friends who are having trouble with work. Maybe it is a Silveira thing…

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