Christmas at the Hayes House!


Hayes/Bruce family Christmas 2013

Hayes/Bruce family Christmas 2013

Mom's Christmas morning Breakfast!

Mom’s Christmas morning Breakfast!

So this is my second christmas with Andy’s family so I was able to get really excited about it this year. Looking forward to our christmas day walk and dinner at Granny and Grandad Bruce’s 🙂

I have found this Christmas so difficult being away from my family and not being able to celebrate with my little brother and sister but the Andy and his family has been so loving and caring with welcoming me in and trying by finding snow for me and helping to keep a few of my Silveira-based traditions alive. Things like my moms Christmas morning breakfast and opening one present on Christmas Eve!


Sam with his Christmas Pressie

Sam with his Christmas Pressie

Christmas day started with moms Christmas morning casserole which is a massive hit with the Hayes boys! Lots of meat, eggs cheese, and bread. Can’t go wrong. Had some presents which was wonderful. Got some really thoughtful presses from my brothers-in-law and Andy’s parents, even Sam got a present! A little light up bone for his collar 🙂

We headed to Edinburgh and stopped for a rainy christmassy walk around a Loch then headed to Granny and Grandad’s! Granny pulled out all the stops as usual with every Christmas dish you could want along with two puddings! A Christmas pudding with Custard and a Trifle. I love Christmas dinner granny Hayes’ ❤

Rainy Christmas Day walk :)

Rainy Christmas Day walk 🙂

Granny's Christmas dinner!

Granny’s Christmas dinner!

Granny's Christmas dinner!

Granny’s Christmas dinner!


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