An update on Team Hayes! Lots to come this summer :)


After my marathon!

So I just realized I hadn’t posted anything since beginning of ! But also not much exciting has happened since then. I’m still working 6 days a week at Kember & Jones coffee shop and babysitting. Andy’s finally finished his 4th year of Uni. so only one more year to go until he has his Bachelors/Masters in Mechanical Engineering!

In between the madness of work I’ve managed to run a half-marathon and a full marathon! You can have a look at my running blog if you want to know more about that and my fundraising towards Alzheimer’s Society 🙂

Up at the cottage We also had a wee trip up to Andy’s parents cottage in Gairloch in the Highlands with Andy’s mum linda which was a much needed rest! Lots of films and book reading. A bit of hill walking, bike rides, and smores to top it all off.

So what now? This summer is gonna be CRAZY! First off, I’m quitting my job in 1.5 weeks. Whoop Whoop! Then Andy and I are going to be leading a team of 13 to Guatemala to work with children at  risk. There’s quite a lot involved with that including fundraising 4,100 pounds, doing leaders training, vaccines, training with our team Red point beachand…oh, going to Guatemala! Should be lots of fun though. I’m so excited! You can read more about it on our wee website
Some fundraisers that we’ve been doing include leading Park Fitness, an acoustic night in Dundee, the Reap & Sew market with our church.

Straight from Guatemala we are heading to Alaska!!!!!! Spending about a month there to see my family, some friends, our goddaughter, and to do some much neededOpenian fishing 😉 It will be so good to be back at home for a while. I miss Alaska so much! All the adventure to be had and seeing my brother and sister again. Those two mean the world to me 🙂

So our first semi-adventure is going back down to Reading for a week for our training. Then we will stay there a bit longer to see some of our old friends and have a look around London.

So that’s a Team Hayes update. Lots to come!

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