New year, New job!

Up Ben-Y-Verackie

Up Ben-Y-Verackie

So that is me and Andy made it through December and the Christmas Holidays! We had a wonderful time in Dundee. Hill Walks every single day except for one! Andy unfortunately was studying hard the whole time so he didn’t get to go on very many family outings but the ones he went on were the best of them all! A snowey walk up Ben-Y-Verackie by Pitlochry and a Christmas day walk by a loch.


We managed to find some snow even if we did have to work for it. We went skiing up in the Cairngorm Mountains but by the time we made it up they had sold out of lift tickets. But we wouldn’t let that stop us! So we rented some skiis and snowboards and climbed up the mountain to ski down. Many many many times! I have to say that I definitely used up a lot of energy and needed the stop by the chip shop at the end of the day. Because we were not on the groomed trails we had the best snow on the mountain! A good base of solid snow and then a good few inches of powder ontop of it! Such good skiing! Wonderful day!
Wee fishing village - bliss

Wee fishing village – bliss

In big news Andy’s little brother David got engaged to his girlfriend Sarah!!! They have set the day for May the 4th 2015! Cannot wait for that! It is going to be a beautiful homemade wedding. So excited to be gearing up for another wedding. After Andy and I getting married when we were 20 years old, then cousin Jennifer and her husband Ryan getting married when they were 20 and now David is 20 getting married! What a crazy trend eh? So that will be exciting. They’ve set the date for May 4, 2015 so very soon! Planning is all go now 🙂
Christmas day with Granny and Grandad Bruce <3

Christmas day with Granny and Grandad Bruce ❤

I have started my new job as a Personal Trainer in Pure Gym and that is going really well. . The team of trainers are all really nice and help each other out even though they are each others competition which is amazing. I have fitted into the gym nicely and stick out just enough to get noticed. Only one of the other trainers like running so that gives me an upper hand. Also, there’s 17 guys and 3 girls. Also being from America. You get the picture 😉 So it’s been awesome. Long days just now while I’m doing a lot of free taster sessions, shadowing other trainers classes, and getting my face around the gym but I’ve loved it! So far I am teaching a spin class, a Legs,bums&tums class, and starting a running club. I also have two paying clients so far and lots of free taster sessions to come this week. So that is all really fun and encouraging.
Andy just finished his last exams for last semester. Big relief those are over! Now he has the weekend off to relax and pick classes for next semester. Then he just has one long haul left and he’s done with University! We’ve started planning what we’re gonna do to celebrate afterwards – an Inter-Railing trip around Europe!!! Cannot wait for that. So when the days are long and hard we have that to look forward to and start planning 🙂
That is us for now. Crazy but fun Christmas holidays and back to working hard. This weekend we are celebrating by going to a Burns Night supper/Ceiledh which will be fun. The cousins, auntie, uncle, and Sarah will all be joining in the fun 🙂


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