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Guatemala travels {summer 2014}



So Andy and I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala to do volunteer work and while we were there we got to do a bit of traveling around.

Beautiful Antigua!

Beautiful Antigua! 

First of all we got to go to Antigua for the afternoon. A wonderful town surrounded by volcanoes and full of brightly colored buildings and amazing markets! We spent most of the time walking around looking at the volcanoes and beautiful buildings taking pictures 🙂 It was wonderfully chilled out with a bit of shopping!

The  stunning streets of Antigua

The stunning streets of Antigua

We also got to go to Lake Atitlan for two days. It is claimed to be the most beautiful lake in the world and I wouldn’t disagree! Incredible volcanic mountains coming straight down to the shore. I spent most of my time in the lake swimming around loving the gorgeous sunshine. We stayed in a town called San Pedro. A few of us also went on a horse back riding trip through the streets, woods, stopping to hike to a secret beach, and finishing with a tour of a coffee farm. We also go to go kayaking and enjoy all the yummy food!

On our horse riding trip!

On our horse riding trip!

My overall impression of Guatemala was that it is amazing! Beautiful scenery, perfect weather, a very rich culture, and the most inviting people you’ll ever meet! I loved it! Would definitely recommend it to a friend 😉

Swimming in Lake Atitlan!

Swimming in Lake Atitlan!

You can't ask for better than this <3

You can’t ask for better than this ❤

On our horsey adventure ;)

On our horsey adventure 😉

Our tour guide, Louis, showing us around the coffee farm

Our tour guide, Louis, showing us around the coffee farm

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Yet another life change… :)

I love my burlap coffee sacks from Paper Cup <3

I love my burlap coffee sacks from Paper Cup ❤

So it seems like there just never ceases to be changes in my life.  Very good and exciting changes without a doubt! But changes nonetheless. These last few weeks it was made apparent to me that I was not getting enough hours at Paper Cup and that wasn’t going to change like was predicted. So I decided I had to look for another job. I handed out about 8 CVs to shops all over Glasgow but there was one in particular that I really wanted. A shop called Kember & Jones that a few of my friends already work at and I knew for a fact that one friend had just handed in her two week notice the day before. So I swept right in there! I think I had a step up on the competition since I already had a few friends there who could vouch for me 😉

The day I handed my CV in I got a call from the manager asking me to come in for a brief interview the next morning. So this morning I popped in and walked out with a job! Not even a trial shift! But the amazement doesn’t stop there. I had mentioned to my boss that I was going to start looking for other work and he understood but when I went into work today to let him know I had been offered a job he said I could leave straight away no problem!!! I’m very sad to be leaving Paper Cup and I still vouch for it being the best coffee in Glasgow hands down. So that will definitely be my hangout for sure. But for now, I have the weekend to sit in amazement at how much God has blessed me with jobs and then I start working on Tuesday!!! WHOOP WHOOP! So excited. It’s an incredible coffee shop aswel. If you live in Glasgow you have to pop in!

….still in awe…

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Back down South which means, another trip into London!

My two lovelies!

So we made it back down south! And straight back into work the next day. I am feeling much better at work now that we are not dealing with the Christmas rush. It is a fraction as busy and I’m actually able to perfect my milk steaming skills and work on some coffee art! So I’m really enjoying it a much more.

The first weekend we were back, we headed into London to have a coffee date with Alex and Natosha and to do some exploring with Brett and Vanessa.

We started the day at about 6 am to get ready to hop on a train into London. Had some wandering around trying to find a wee coffee shop in the basement of a building. Turned out to be absolutely brilliant! Cozy and cute, funky and yummy. Some good tasting lattes. The best part was definitely getting to see my two lovelies!

I love Alex and Natosha with all my heart. They delivered some forgotten belongings left in Alaska and some christmas presents from Karen and Ben/Coralie. It was so wonderful!

The greek spread stall! Then we headed to the London Eye to meet up with Vanessa and Brett. Unfortunately the Eye was closed for renovations so we decided that we should go to the London Dungeon! So we trekked through the underground over to London Bridge and had a wee walk around until we managed to find the dungeon. With our Merlin Pass Andy and I get into the dungeon for free and our friends get discounts off of their tickets so it makes it even more fun 😉 The dungeon was a bit scary but quite funny aswel. I was a bit disappointed compared to the Edinburg Dungeon which I went to with Kathleen. I think I missed having a lot of history involved with it. But I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

CHEESE!After the dungeon we went along to the food market right near the London Bridge. So many good smells! Yummy food and tons of samples. I love going around and seeing so many different types of foods all laid out and looking incredible. We finished off the day with a coffee at Vanessa’s brothers coffee shop. What a wonderful day of fun and friends! I really enjoyed it.


Now back into Reading life 😛Coffeeeee

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