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So much has happened, so much has changed!

Trafalgars Square with two of our favorite people <3

Trafalgars Square with two of our favorite people ❤


So there has been a SEVERE lack of posting in the last few months. Mainly just because so much has been happening!!! So I’m gonna give you a VERY brief rundown of the last 3 months. New Day kind of set off the madness for the end of summer. Right after that we attended the wedding and the following weekend got a great visit from Andy’s. He only stayed for the weekend for us to run 15 kilometres one day and a half marathon the next! (he’s a crazy runner man in case you didn’t know, lol). So good exhausting visit, very sunny happy weekend. The next week our friend Ben arrived with our god-daughter Coralie! She was just 11 months old and as cute as ever! She was just learning how to walk around which quickly turned to running within days! We went all around London, a trip to Oxford, and a few other day trips into the country 🙂 It was such a wonderful visit, I cannot think of any ways it could have been better. So many good happy memories and oh my goodness, is that girl cute!

Heading up North!

Heading up North!

So the following week we spend packing up the flat 😦 Quickly followed by my catching the stomach flu 😦 😦 Quickly followed by Andy catching the stomach flu 😦 😦 😦 We did manage to squeeze in a lovely going away party and got dinner with so many people in the last few days in Reading ❤

So Andy’s dad made the journey back down to Reading to pack all of our things into his car and we headed North! You could just feel when we were back in Scotland ❤ I’ve never seen Andy so excited to arrive anywhere than when we rolled into Glasgow at 7am after driving all night. We got the keys to our flat and moved into Berkeley Street! Our new home 🙂

Straight after moving our things into our flat we got on the train and headed to Dundee to visit Andy’s family for a few days. It was so good to see them after not properly seeing them since Christmas last year. Then back to Glasgow to sort out our flat and start job hunting. I passed out my CV to loads and loads of different places on Friday and by Wednesday I had a job! Working at the best coffee shop in Glasgow called Paper Cup. They roast their coffee right in the shop and they make some of the best food I have ever had. It is such a chilled out friendly place, I can honestly say I love going into work. Along with that I’ve taken a wee job minding a 2 year old named Sophie on Thursdays so that should keep me busy enough 😉

after the half-marathon run!

after the half-marathon run!

On the 6th of October Andy’s parents came through to Glasgow to run with Andy and me in the Great Scottish Run Half-Marathon! I had never done a race or anything quite like that before and I loved it! I ran with Linda for most of it and we had such a great time. Getting excited over jelly babies, and laughing at the funny things people had written on their shirts. Linda is SUCH a good running partner. Really pushed me when I needed it but didn’t leave me in the dust 😉 I had quite a lot of energy left at the end so I sprinted the last mile and made it across the finish line in under 2 hours! So after that run I’ve decided to sign up for the Edinburgh Marathon in May. I figure why not? So I’m very excited for that. Which means for my birthday I’ll be getting running shoes and marathon training guides 😉 Should be good fun.

But the next adventure is next weekend when Andy and I will take part in Survival of the Fittest 10K in Edinburgh. Put on by Mens Health it has a different obstacle every kilometer. Sounds like good fun! It is similar to Tough Mudder except we won’t get electrocuted 😉 I think we will be exhausted, wet and muddy by the end which is the sign of a good fun race 🙂

Looking forward to that and also looking forward to Christmas coming as it’s getting colder and the leaves are all turning colors 🙂

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