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Christmas holidays!!!

So I am currently sitting next to the fire with a cup of tea and a dog next to me. This is the start of the Christmas holidays in Dundee. Today it snowed a wee bit which was fun even if it only lasted 5 minutes and turned to mush right away :s

I was blessed with about two weeks off work this year!!! From the 22-2nd. I am really looking forward to it. Looking forward to hill walking, skiing, baths, runs with the in-laws, home cooking, and being taken care of by a mom 🙂 I’m missing my family a lot more this year than ever before so there have been lots of skypes and I’m looking forward to opening their presents which is basically love wrapped up in a box! Also Andy’s family really does their very best at making me feel at home and the ask me all sorts of questions about Alaska and my family. Plus they let me talk and talk and talk (aka serious bragging) about my brother and sister to no end 😉 so with them making me feel so loved it doesn’t really make it any easier but it does help if that makes sense 🙂

So far this holiday I have slept til 11, gone for a run, done absolutely nothing with my whole day and went to a Christmas carol service which was followed by tea and mince pies. Gonna be a good holiday season I think 🙂

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