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Team Hayes {2014}: What a summer….

So Andy and I had a wonderful summer volunteering in Guatemala with Latin Link followed by a great visit to my family in Alaska. We spent a total of 6 weeks there, two of them up in Fairbanks, my University town and another 4 with my family.

Our time in Alaska was so much fun and we had so many exciting adventures:

Everything from flying in my dads airplane to hauling in our first halibuts!

Flying with my two favorite flying buddies!

Flying with my two favorite flying buddies!

Andy with his Halibut!

Andy with his Halibut!

My halibut that is bigger than my sister!

My halibut is bigger than my sister!

We also go to camp out on our boat out in the ocean and explore some of the little islands off the coast.

The boys off to explore some islands

The boys off to explore some islands

While we were camping we got to swim in glacier water, go fishing almost every day, go on hikes and do a bit of unexpected rock climbing 😉

Out for a swim in very cold Alaskan water!

Out for a swim in very cold Alaskan water!

I took us up a very scary mountain...this is our afraid faces ;)

I took us up a very scary mountain…this is our afraid faces 😉

We attended my little sisters butterfly/cupcake themed 8th birthday party which meant dressing up in the most poofy dresses we could find.

Lily and her birthday pinnate we made :)

Lily and her birthday pinnate we made 🙂

We got to to shoot lots of big guns, and even managed to have a snowball fight! These of course, are just the highlights.

Snowball fight!!!

Snowball fight!!!

The best part by far was just spending time with my family. The moments where we find ourselves playing about our 6th game of Ticket to Ride (a board game) without a break. Chatting about what the kids think about their family, friends, school, or God. My brother and sister are growing up so fast and starting to form their own character and thoughts. They are getting more independent and I love to see them starting to influence their friends for the better. We are able to have heart to heart chats while waiting for dad to fuel up the airplane or while we are out on a run together (course Isaiah always had to to ride his scooter cuz it was faster, fair enough!)

Having one of our girly chats while we waited for dad to get the airplane ready

Having one of our girly chats while we waited for dad to get the airplane ready

Heading off on one of our walks/runs/skates

Heading off on one of our walks/runs/skates

These are all moments I will treasure forever. The excitement and the adventures are all fun but it’s the heart to hearts and being part of their lives that means the most to me. I am so thankful for Skype and email but there’s nothing quite like going home for a good chunk of time and living life together. So much thanks to my parents for always welcoming us home with open arms and lots of yummy food!

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Enjoying our giant snowman friendSNOWWWWW!So it is officially winter! We got snow last week! It was absolutely wonderful and half the country shut down which I thought was quite hilarious. Andy even got sent home early from work! So we had a lovely start to friday that started at 10am! We had a lovely day watching the snow fall and going for a run through the pretty white world. The next morning we got on a train over to Pangbourne where Andy works to enjoy the perfect snowball snow.We had a snowball fight, built a snowman, and went through a walk through the countryside. It was totally wonderful! At long last, it finally felt like wintertime! I loved love loved it! At work that week I was happier than ever before because all the snow was just so incredible. Everybody else was so grumpy and didn’t go out to enjoy the snow which I think is such a huge tragedy!

Me and my best friend playing in the snow :)

They’re missing out on the finer things of life. My work colleague made a mini snowman ontop of the picnic table, complete with a cigarette in it’s mouth 🙂

Dancing in the snow!

So it is wonderful having had some snow. Even though I miss playing in the snow in Alaska especially when I see photos from my friends I am fairly content having some good My snowfriend!snow at least once this year. So I’m thrilled we got some and now I’m hoping that it will start warming up and South England will live up to my expectations of being considerably warmer than Scotland 😉

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Into 2013!

IMG_1001IMG_1002 So after the crazy happenings of Christmas we decided to have a few days to chill out then go find some snow! My father in law is amazing at finding snow and he’ll never let you down! He could find snow in Florida during May 😉 So we headed up to Glenshee to find some snow. We could only find patches but it was so much fun sledding! I miss sledding 😦

making our Christmas dinner in a CanThen came the New Year! Andy and I headed to St. Andrews to have a game night with some of his friends from school. It was so much fun and tons of laughs! We got back to the Hayes house with not a minute to spare.



The next morning we went on a walk along the sands of St. Andrews with the Bruce family.It was a beautiful first day of 2013! We spent the rest of the day cooking for the massive Hayes/Bruce New Year dinner. 19 people all related, eating wonderful food that Linda cooked in her tiny oven. She’s a miracle worker! It was such a great meal with fun people.

IMG_0967 IMG_0965

St. Andrews

The next morning we were off on a train back down south back to England! The Christmas holidays passed so fast and it was fun but it’s always good to come home to your own flat 🙂

The Hayes/Bruce family :)

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