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Team Hayes go to London!


Dinner in Henley!

So on Thursday we packed up our belongings and got our flat ready to be stayed in by friends for the summer, got on a train and headed down to Reading to meet our Guatemala Team! We arrived in time to go see the football with some friends and then Friday morning it was down to business. We spend all of friday doing Team Leaders training so lots of “do’s and dont’s” and “what if this happens”. Then Friday night we drove out to an outdoor centre and met our team! We spent the next 48 hours learning about eachother, playing games and getting prepped for Guatemala. Lots of presentations about Guatemala and their culture, language, and how to be most respectful while in their country. We also learned tons of kids games and ideas for working with the kids once we get out there. Our team is incredible and I am excited. It’s all so real now! My next job is to learn spanish…

We are leaving in 2 weeks and I can hardly believe it! Andy and I are still working on our fundraising. We have about £1,200 left to raise. You can have look at our website for more info about our trip.


Enjoying a Workhouse coffee 🙂

So we have spent a few days seeing friends in Reading that we haven’t seen for a very long time which has been amazing. I went into the Workhouse where I used to be a barista and saw my old boss, manager, and a few colleagues. It was great being back there again and they all seem to miss me a lot. It’s so great going back somewhere and knowing you’ve been missed. And it’s seriously the best coffee I have ever had! We went out to dinner in Henley with our friends Steve and Sheila last night then today we headed to London!

We were planning on going to the War Museum but when we showed up it was closed for construction 😦 So we went to Oxford Street to do some shopping. There were a few shops I really wanted to go into. We saw tons of stuff we will never be able to afford and tons of stuff we don’t need. But I was restrained and only bought three things that I ACTUALLY needed 😉


Dried sweet potato?

We walked through China town enjoying some steamed buns and looking through the Asian Markets. We try to always buy a new food we haven’t had before whenever we go into an Asian market so this time we got dried sweet potato. I wasn’t too sure what I thought about it. It was different from most dried fruit. I ended up liking it and I think I would have it again if the opportunity was there. I just love looking through those markets and trying new foods. China town is always a good time.


China Town steamed buns!!!

We went around to a few other shops just enjoying the atmosphere of London before we wore ourselves out and had to get the train back home to Reading. We have a full day of seeing friends tomorrow then finishing off our stay in Reading with a massive picnic in the park with all our friends invited.


fancy new bag (£8) and a Workhouse coffee, ready for London!

It is going to be a great end to our Reading/London-adventure. Wonderful weather and good time with friends 🙂






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