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Team Hayes: Studying, personal training, and job applications. Whats next?

So Andy and I have moved into a beautiful tenement flat in Glasgow that we are so in love with. It was nice to move back to the same city after this summer. Every year we have been moving to a new place and trying to find new friends and where we fit in but this year it was back to what we knew. When you move around a lot you realize things like this are so treasured. We love our friends here and I love Glasgow as a city.

Andy and I have had fun since we got back. Two weddings which were beautiful and great to see our friends get married. We also ran the Spartan adventure run. Complete with jumping over fire and wading through a river for about 1/2 mile!

At Cousin Jennifer and Ryan's wedding <3

At Cousin Jennifer and Ryan’s wedding ❤

At Vanessa and Brett's wedding

At Vanessa and Brett’s wedding

We are Spartan!

We are Spartan!

Jumping over the fire at the Spartan race

Jumping over the fire at the Spartan race

Andy is working like crazy on his 5th year Masters Degree for Mechanical Engineering. Putting in 14 hour days almost every day to stay ontop of coursework, masters project work, group work, job applications and lots of interviews/assessment centers that just keep flowing in! I am so impressed with how he is able to keep such a focus with such long hours and being on the go constantly but he’s managing to do it and do it well. He is on the home stretch now.

I am currently enrolled in a course to become a Personal Trainer. I have been enjoying the course so much! It is exactly where I am meant to be right now. I love how varied my work is, that it incorporates being physically active, being encouraging, and getting to know people 🙂 I am feeling a bit tired from doing things like Kettle bell Instructing, circuits like mad, training with the boys on my course to mix up my realm of experience a bit, and going to the Sauna every day after class (working in a gym has it’s perks!). I am also putting in very long days similar to Andy. Long days and a long commute but it’s not for too much longer. Two more weeks and I will be qualified as a gym instructor, personal trainer, kettle bells instructor, and circuits teacher. Then I will start looking for a job hoping to start after Christmas. So excited!!!

So that’s us for now. We don’t know where or with who Andy will get a job. When he does then we will start preparing ourselves for the next step. He has tried to keep his options limited to Glasgow/Scotland. We are really wanting to stay in Glasgow and at the very least stay near to his parents (while we are living in the UK we might as well take advantage and be as close as possible). But we can only be so picky with some of the bigger engineering companies. So we are keeping our fingers crossed and not bother crossing bridges until we come to them 😉 For now, we are working hard, looking forward to the Christmas holidays and enjoying this cold dry weather we have been having here!

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